Matt Cardona On AEW Dynamite (7/29/2020)

Matt Cardona Says Winning The WWE Championship Is Still A Goal Of His

Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling Star Matt Cardona, who has competed in several independent promotions over the past number of years, recently spoke with PWMania on a variety of topics such as how winning the WWE Championship is still a goal of his as he has never won the big one during his time in WWE.

Matt Cardona said:

“Well, I mean, in general wrestling, never won the big one, never won the WWE Championship. So that’s, that’s definitely my number one. Indie wise, I’ve been to Mexico, Japan for WWE. I would love to go there on my own. So there are some things in the works but nothing concrete yet, so I would love to do that. Listen, I will go anywhere that f***ing pays me. You know what I’m saying, I’m a mark for money. If you book me, [email protected], if I have that date for you, which I probably don’t but if I do. You pay my f***ing full rate, and you give me that 50% deposit to advertise me I’ll f***ing be there. And have the best f***ing match on the show. And that’s it. If you’re paying me, I will be there.”

You can check out Matt Cardona’s full comments at this link.

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