Matt Hardy Retires

Matt Hardy Announces Retirement As In-Ring WWE Superstar (Video)

After much speculation online about his wrestling future over the past few weeks, Matt Hardy seemingly made it official posting a video tonight after the live event in Corpus Christi, Texas. In the video, Hardy says that the company allowed him to fulfill all of his promoted obligations but his match on Saturday was likely the last time we will see Woken Matt Hardy in a WWE ring.

“I just want to take a moment and I want to address the WWE Universe. All of the Woken Warriors, all of the Hardy Boyz fans, all of the Mattitude followers all those people who allowed me to live my dream for so many years. This is all I’ve wanted to do and I got to do it at the highest level for 26 years.”

“I’ll never forget the reaction the WWE Universe gave me at WrestleMania 33 and my return it was truly one of the greatest moments of my career. WrestleMania 34 was a great moment winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. And I got to bring my creation, The Ultimate Deletion to Raw in the main event spot. A lot of cool stuff I’ve got to do.”

“There has been a lot of speculation for quite a while online if I’m going to be wrestling any longer or not. WWE, fortunately, they let me to fulfill all of my advertised commitments but tonight here in Corpus Christi this was the last advertised commitment I had.”

“I never say never, or as Woken Hardy would say: ‘NEVAH SAY NEVAH!’ But tonight here in Corpus Christi will most likely be the last time you’ll see Woken Matt Hardy in a WWE ring.”

“I have 2 young kids and a wife and it’s time for me to go home.”



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