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Matt Hardy On Billy Corgan/TNA Lawsuit, The Young Bucks & More

TNA star “Broken” Matt Hardy recently spoke with the folks at Wrestling With Wregret about Billy Corgan’s lawsuit against TNA and Dixie Carter, who he plans to “DELETE” next and more.

Regarding the lawsuit Billy Corgan filed against TNA, Dixie Carter and other key members of management, Hardy didn’t have a lot to say, instead opting to stay in character for his answer.

“I do not care about a Billy Corgan or a Dixie Carter or even a Vince MeekMahan. I will eat them all. All I’m concerned about is by Broken Universe because my Broken Universe does not need the standard wrestling universe to survive.”

As far as who he likes watching in the pro wrestling business these days, Hardy pointed to Nick and Matt Jackson, better known to pro wrestling fans as The Young Bucks.

“There are two people that I’m trying to rehabilitate. But they are currently not on my deletion list because they do have magic inside them. And that is the Bucks of Youth, Matt and Nick Jackson.”

Finally, in terms of who he plans to “DELETE” next, Hardy pointed towards the reigning TNA World Champion, Eddie Edwards.

“Right now, since we have deleted the demonic Decay, I would say that the next person in line for deletion will be the World champion of Impact, which is Eddie Edwards.”

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