"Woken" Matt Hardy Appears On Booker T's Podcast

Matt Hardy Explains Being “Woken” Instead Of “Broken,” Sister Abigail & More

“Woken” Matt Hardy recently appeared as a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On being broken until the WWE Universe reacted positively to his return and how encountering Bray Wyatt’s black magic has caused him to awaken with white magic: “[Booker T] only knew me when I was in my weak, mortal form. Now, I have become more. I have become magic. My essence has been woken. At one point a couple of years ago, my essence came to exist and it took over my vessel because the barriers of my mind were broken and I became ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, and when I returned home to the WWE, I had such an amazing ovation at WrestleMania from the WWE Universe, it suppressed my issue. It went dormant for a while, but once I touched the black magic of Bray Wyatt, it awoken my white magic. Hence, I am ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy and now I am going stronger than ever before, growing stronger by the day.”

On Sister Abigail being stronger and older than Hardy’s own ‘essence’: “I must admit I have never told anyone this before, but Sister Abigail is older than my essence. My essence, it is known as Zenith. I have never divulged that information. You’re getting a scoop here. And Zenith is younger and not quite as strong as Sister Abigail. That is why it is quite the uphill battle for me to defeat Bray Wyatt, ‘The Consumer of Terrestrial Entities’.”

On his soul being over 900 years old and beginning in Shanghai, China: “Oh yes! Do you know your soul is 980 years old? 980 years old! Your soul has been occupied in 70 different vessels. 70 different vessels! Yes! Do you know what your point of origin was? Shanghai. That is where your soul was first created.”

Check out the complete “Woken” Matt Hardy from Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” podcast at Stitcher.com.

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