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Matt Hardy Hints At End Of His “Broken” Character

Although WWE referenced it multiple times via social media and the man himself has squeezed it in on WWE television this week, Matt Hardy appears to be hinting that his “Broken” character is no more now that he is back in WWE.

Hardy, who returned alongside his brother Jeff Hardy as a surprise addition to the RAW Tag-Team Title ladder match at WrestleMania 33 this past Sunday night, where the legendary tag-team won gold as a duo for the seventh time in WWE history, took to social media on Tuesday and appeared to tease the end of his popular gimmick.

Matt Hardy, whose official Twitter page is still named “#BROKEN Matt Hardy,” wrote the following this afternoon after his first week back on WWE television:

“The sheer NIRVANA of coming home to that DEAFENING ovation at #Wrestlemania seems to have contained my CONDISHTION,” wrote Hardy. “If it CAN be contained.”

Check out Hardy’s tweet below.

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