Matt Hardy Now Officially Owns All The “Broken Universe” Trademarks

— As of February 1, Matt Hardy is now the owner of all the trademarks related to “Broken Universe”, including Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Broken Brillance, and Vanguard1.

— Impact Wrestling had until January 28 to respond to a non-final refusal for the trademarks that was filed back in the summer of 2017 or else the trademarks would have been considered abandoned, but in early January, the two sides ironed out a deal which saw the wrestling promotion hand over all trademarks to Hardy.

— With no opposition from Impact and the transfer of ownership now complete, Matt is the full and legal owner of everything related to the Broken Universe. Given the timing and evolution of his character in WWE, there are rumors that he will transition from “Woken” to “Broken” in the near future.

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