Matt Hardy Talks To The Woken Warriors

Matt Hardy Reveals New “Woken” Phrase, New Stephanie McMahon Late-Night Workout Video

– “Woken” Matt Hardy took to social media to inform his Woken Warriors that the standing ovation he and they give opponents after their signature taunts will now be referred to as “The Woken O.” Check out an example of “The Woken O” at approximately the 30-second mark in the following video. Hardy wrote, “When my #WOKENWarriors & I give our ADVERSARY a *non-sarcastic* Standing Ovation after they perform a signature taunt, it shall now be known as.. The #WOKEN O!”

– For those who like to check these out, Stephanie McMahon released her latest late-night workout video via her official Instagram page. Check out the video below.

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