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Matt Hardy Says AEW Is More Focused On Having Five-Star Matches Than Having Impactful Segments

— Former WWE and AEW star Matt Hardy, who recently reunited with brother Jeff in TNA, appeared on Busted Open Radio this week where he offered up some thoughts on the Hardy Boyz reunion and the chance at cementing their legacy as one of the greatest teams in wrestling history.

“I believe in TNA the Hardy Boyz can get the run that we deserve at this stage of our careers and that is the run to cement our legacy and that is very important to both of us.”

— Hardy was then asked why the duo didn’t seem to get that opportunity in AEW and he responded with:

“In the beginning, we started off very well. Jeff messed up and he made a mistake. Jeff tried to repent for that, he did everything, he went and got right and one thing that I can say about Jeff that I am very happy at the place he is in in his life. He’s practically perfect as a human being. He hasn’t been like this in well over 20 years.”

“Jeff was in a good place, I just don’t know why we never got that other opportunity to show people what we can do and capitalize on the popularity that we have.”

— Hardy also felt that it wasn’t specifically him and Jeff were the problem as he pointed to their continued popularity but perhaps the philosophy of AEW:

“Look, we have incredible star power. If you were at Wrestlecon in Philadelphia, it was outrageous how much we signed, how many people that were there to see us. We have fans coming up crying to us like it’s 2000 all the time, but I feel like AEW is more focused on having a five-star match as opposed to having a segment that is hugely impactful and makes a moment.”

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