Matt Hardy Talks To myKhel

Matt Hardy Talks WWE Future, Reveals Who He Wants To Face Before Retiring

Matt Hardy recently spoke with the folks from myKhel for an interview. During the discussion, Hardy spoke about his future WWE plans and wanting to face Roman Reigns before he retires. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his future WWE plans: “I absolutely think that I would be a good coach or a trainer in the WWE after I retire. I could be very beneficial as being a producer someone who kind-of structure matches or even a writer for someone who is on the creative aspect. A lot of things especially considering I have been in ring perform for him for so long sometimes I feel like I have now insight in the way to help of guys from creative aspect like people are just born writers since I have been actual performers rest or for some years past.”

On wanting to face Roman Reigns before he retires: “I would say that one person that I would be dreaming before retirement because I haven’t got a chance to work with him. Now he’s gonna be gone for a little bit in future…it’ll be Roman Reigns. He is kind of a guy that WWE built around and I do I like him a lot as a person. I consider him my friend. So I would love to have a Matt Hardy vs. Roman Reigns match before retirement.”

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