Matt Jackson Talks To Sports Illustrated

Matt Jackson Says He Was Surprised To See WWE Cover The New Day vs. The Elite E3 Showdown

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about being part of the recent showdown at the E3 convention between The Elite and The New Day.

As noted, Matt and his tag-team partner Nick Jackson joined Kenny Omega for a three-on-three showdown of the Street Fighter video game against all three members of The New Day, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E.

“I think it was proof that people from competitive companies can work together and make entertainment magic harmony,” said Matt during the aforementioned interview with SI. “We were very surprised to see how much WWE covered the event.”

Matt continued, “We thought it was pretty cool they helped get the word out. We knew we’d win in the end, but figured it would be as competitive as it ended up being.”

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