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Matt Jackson Of The Young Bucks On Signing With WWE: “I’m Considering Everything Right Now”

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks recently addressed the one question on the minds of the majority of The Young Bucks fans — will the decorated tag-team wrestlers consider signing with WWE?

Matt touched on the topic when answering ten questions from fans during a Q&A on his official Instagram page this week.

As noted, The Young Bucks’ contracts with Ring Of Honor (ROH) are scheduled to expire at the end of 2018, opening the door for a potential move to WWE if all parties involved are interested and able to come to terms.

So, are The Young Bucks considering this possibility?

“I’m considering everything right now,” said Matt during the aforementioned Q&A on Instagram, before giving an interesting response to another fan who asked about The Young Bucks’ plans for retirement and how much longer they plan on wrestling.

“Much shorter than people imagine,” responded Matt about how much longer he Nick Jackson will continue with their in-ring careers.

Jackson also claimed during the Q&A that he doesn’t consider The Young Bucks to be the greatest pro wrestling tag-team of all-time, however he did make sure to point out that it is “the goal by the end.”

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