Matt Martel and Chase Parker Shop Around Their Talents Following WWE Release

Ever-Rise says the Show Must Go On.

The duo of Chase Parker and Matt Martel, who were two of the many talents released yesterday by WWE, released a new video on their personal Youtube page shopping themselves around to other networks and making the best of their free agency situation.

In the video they state:

“The show has been cancelled. This is what happens; you get in bed with the big-wigs, with the fat-cats. We wanted to go to YouTube. We took all the money and negotiations went real sour.”

Later on they name-drop several networks that they could take their talents to like USA or FOX, and later adding AXS (home of IMPACT) and TNT( home of AEW). Ever-Rise had been signed by WWE back in 2019 and were heavily utilized on the 205 Live brand during the pandemic era. You can check out their full video below.

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