Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle Had Backstage Heat in WWE; Details on What Was Planned For Him Before Release

  • Matt Riddle was released from WWE last month due to issues that had been accumulating over time. These issues reached a tipping point with his recent airport incident at JFK, where he claimed to be sexually assaulted, but video footage showed him causing a scene while intoxicated.
  • Riddle had also garnered backstage heat for comments he made about Goldberg, Roman Reigns, and, more recently, when he went off-script during an interview praising Randy Orton for wrestling through a back injury that WWE had not made public or incorporated into storylines.
  • According to the WrestleVotes account, before his departure from WWE, there were “significant plans” to pair Riddle with Drew McIntyre as a tag team. The company had even designed merchandise with the team name “McRiddle,” hoping to sell it once the team became official.

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