Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle Was Reportedly Not Factored Into WWE’s Creative Plans; More On His Release

— As reported yesterday, Matt Riddle received news of his release in the afternoon before WWE SmackDown went on the air, marking the end of his tumultuous tenure with the company that was marred by various controversies over the years. The most recent incident involving Riddle occurred at JFK airport, where the wrestler alleged sexual assault, prompting an investigation. Subsequently, Riddle was removed from all TV and house shows, with the explanation given backstage being a “medical issue” keeping him away.

— Despite a report last week suggesting that Riddle was expected to appear on the September 18th WWE Raw, reports that this was not the case. Riddle was never part of the plans for the September 18th show, indicating that the rumor of his return likely stemmed from outdated information. Sources confirmed that Riddle was never considered in any creative plans for the event and was not present backstage.

— During his absence from WWE, Riddle reportedly engaged in grappling training this week and was described as being in “good spirits” before receiving news of his release. A senior WWE executive remarked that, unfortunately for him, Riddle had exhausted numerous opportunities during his time with WWE, which likely played a significant role in his release.

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