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Mercedes Mone Says Her Match At AEW Double or Nothing Stole The Show; Claims AEW Has Best Wrestlers

— Mercedes Mone finally made her AEW in-ring debut last weekend at Double or Nothing and put on a very good match against Willow Nightingale, drawing praise after being out of action for so long. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Mone took it a step further, suggesting that her match against Nightingale “stole the show” at the PPV and that the two “tore it out of the park.”

“I mean- Willow’s the one that I suffered my injury with one year ago. Took me out for a whole year – the doctor said, they’re not sure if I was gonna be back in wrestling but I told them, no, this is my life, this is my dream. Nobody can tell me, no, I can’t do it.”

“So I fought so hard to get back and Willow had something that I wanted and I told her that money changes everything. This past Sunday at Double or Nothing, we went out there and we stole the show. We tore it out of the park and she is legit one of the best that I’ve ever been in the ring with. I definitely can’t wait to tie it in the ring with her again.”

— Mone was also asked how things have been with for her in AEW:

“I mean we just celebrated five years this past Sunday and AEW is just legit changing the game in wrestling. It’s the first competition for WWE in a very, very long time. As you see, AEW is where the best wrestlers…you have me, the greatest of all-time, the TBS women’s champion, you have Will Ospreay, you have Kenny Omega, you have Swerve Strickland, you have Willow Nightingale and I can just go on and on and on.”

“If there wasn’t an AEW, where woud this people be, where woud I be. We are so thankful for AEW. Every single Wednesday, every single Friday, every single Saturday, people are just out there, throwing it out of the park. We are just changing the game. I’m here to make women’s wrestling so globalized here.”

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