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Mercedes Mone: “Tony Khan Saw Me As The Best Women’s Wrestler Of All Time”

— Mercedes Mone was recently interviewed by Hot 97 prior to AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door and spoke of her decision to walk out of WWE and sign with AEW. She pointed to the fact that she was apparently talked down to on that fateful day and in hindsight is happy with her decision as she claims Tony Khan feels she is the greatest women’s wrestler of all-time and made her the highest paid as well:

“There’s so many reasons. The biggest thing is just listening to my heart and soul. Something didn’t feel right that day. How we were talked to didn’t settle in my heart. And I just instantly knew, like, if I wasn’t going to take control of my life right here and now, then I was never going to be happy there by having someone talk to me the way that they do or feeling like you just don’t belong. I’ve been doing this for 14 years and to feel like this, to feel this low, my soul was like ‘no, get up, go.'”

“Now, it’s the greatest decision I’ve ever made because where I’m today. The highest paid woman in women’s wrestling history. And I’m so thankful for a company like AEW and such a beautiful boss and leader like Tony Khan who saw me for what I am. And he saw me as the best, the best women’s wrestler of all time. He worked endless amount of years to try to get me and to get me down. He finally got me. The numbers were right, the conversations were right, the alignment was right, and the goals were aligned. That’s the biggest thing. I wanted the goals of what his mission was for AEW and the women’s wrestling in AEW. And I wanted him to know how much I care and how much I want to bring to women’s wrestling here in AEW. And the alignment was just there. And now here we are making magic.”

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