Mick Foley & Rhea Ripley Engage In Dreaded 'Twitter War'

Mick Foley Addresses Rhea Ripley’s Attitude, Ripley Fires Back At WWE Legend

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley and former NXT U.K. Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley recently had an interesting back-and-forth exchange on social media.

Foley responded to a fan jokingly questioning who Ripley is on Twitter, noting that she is “actually a future WWE Champion IF she adjusts her attitude a wee bit.”

An hour later, “The Hardcore Legend” posted a tweet quickly retracting his prior statement about Ripley’s attitude.

“Let me put to rest the rumor (started by me an hour ago) that you need to adjust your attitude a wee bit,” Foley started. “In truth, I hear AMAZING things about your attitude.”

Foley added, “I see you as a future [WWE RAW] or [SmackDown Live] Champion and a MAJOR player for years to come.”

Finally, Ripley chimed in a few hours later, writing, “That’s right, get back in your lane old man… Your days have passed, I am the now and the future. So you can just sit there in your trackies and your flannel shirts and admire my work.”

Foley would go on to reply to a fan who tweeted that he was merely “shilling for Vinny [Vince McMahon],” denying the claim and trying to end a “Twitter War” with Ripley before it gets started by noting, “Rhea is going to draw A LOT of money for [WWE] – none of it with me on Twitter.”

Check out the tweets between Mick Foley and Rhea Ripley below.

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