Mick Foley Shows Off His New Look - January 9

Mick Foley Reveals Funny Story Behind His New Look

Prior to showing off the new look at Monday night’s edition of WWE RAW, General Manager Mick Foley took to social media to write about the story behind his attempted self-haircut turn salvage-job for WWE’s stylist.

Below, from Foley’s official Facebook page, is the mini-blog about his new look, which is reminiscint of the one he donned during his entertaining run as WWE Commissioner back in 2000. Also featured, a close-up photo of the RAW GM’s new look, posted by “The Hardcore Legend” himself via his official Twitter page.


It’s probably best not to take your grooming tips from the hard-core legend. After attempting a home-made self-done haircut, a WWE stylist did her very best to salvage my handiwork, and lots of locks needed to be lopped in order to foil the Foley fashion faux pas. All in all, I kind of like the haircut – probably the shortest it’s been since my commissioner run in 2000. Let me know what you think!

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