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Mick Foley On Tonight’s “Best Of 7 Series” Finale Between Cesaro & Sheamus

WWE Hall Of Famer and RAW General Manager Mick Foley took to social media to share his thoughts on tonight’s “Best Of 7 Series” finale between Cesaro and Sheamus at the WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

In the blog, posted on his official Facebook page, Foley looked back at how the “Best of 7 Series” between Cesaro and Sheamus came to be.

“You have to go back a couple months, back to maybe the second show after the draft, but if I had to point to a moment that would define my role as general manager, I would point to the backstage interaction with Sheamus and Cesaro, where I challenge them to go out in the ring and prove me wrong; for Sheamus to prove he could get his head back in the game, and for Cesaro to prove he did in fact deserve to be picked far higher in the draft than he had been.”

“The Hardcore Legend” also claimed that Cesaro would have thrived in WWE’s Attitude Era or even in the original ECW.

“He is a guy who would have absolutely THRIVED in the attitude era, who would have absolutely LOVED to have been in the original #ECW or some of the classic hard-core stipulation matches of years gone by.”

He also shared his belief that the “Best of 7 Series” has brought out the very best in both WWE performers.

I think this series has brought the very best out of each of these men, and has hopefully made Cesaro reconsider his initial assertion that he would have rather been drafted to #SmackDownLIVE

Check out match seven between Cesaro and Sheamus at WWE Clash of Champions live on pay-per-view tonight. Join us here for live coverage of the PPV!

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