Mickie James On How NWA In Power Came Together, Her In-Ring Future

After last night’s major announcement on NWA Powerrr, former WWE Superstar Mickie James made an appearance on the NWA Powerrr Post-Show, During the show, James revealed how the upcoming NWA In Power show came together. Mickie also discussed her in-ring future, and more. Check out a few highlights.

On how her new deal with NWA came together:

“It’s a pretty amazing thing. Billy and I have always been friends, we go back a long time, and I wanted to find something that felt right for me. I’ve talked and thought about wrestling here or there and doing all these things. I did that the last time, I made the rounds and it’s awesome, and I might still do some of that stuff, but I wanted to do something that I could really sink my heart and teeth in. This is ours and mine. I’m still an independent contractor, but I’m building a brand and a company. It’s something cool and has been needed for a long time. I tried to do it and now I have an opportunity to do it and build my vision,” she said. “There will be tons of opportunities to build women’s wrestling the right way. In 80 years of wrestling on television, we’ve only seen it from a male perspective. We’ve only seen female storylines from a male perspective. That’s okay and how we got here, but in this day and age, there are an immense amount of uber-talented women who know how to make money in this business that can really help build the foundation and be that core that helps grow women’s wrestling as a whole.”

On whether or not she will wrestle at the event:

“I don’t have intentions of wrestling on my show. I’m not in here to go into business for myself and wrestle all my favorite people on my own show. That doesn’t make sense. Plus, how can I run a show if I’m in the ring? Perhaps, there might be a chance to do something on the NWA show. You never know.”

NWA In Power, will take place on August 28th, in St. Louis, Missouri.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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