Mickie James On Serena Deeb: “I Think She’s The Greatest Women’s Wrestler Out There Right Now”

During her recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip podcast, former Impact and WWE talent Mickie James discussed the upcoming NWA 73 event. James also shared her thoughts on Serena Deeb, and much more. Check out her comments below.

On who she wants to wrestle at NWA 73:

“If we go within NWA, there’s Kylie Rae now. There’s Kamille, who is aligned with my husband and they are champions. As a businesswoman, I like Kamille. She comes over to the house and we’re all friends. I’d really like to have one of those matches with like Thunder Rosa or Serena [Deeb] and put on a hell of a match.”

On her opinion of Serena Deeb:

“I know I’ve wrestled Serena, but everyone knows that Serena is my go-to because I think she’s the greatest women’s wrestler out there right now and I’ve always felt that way. I’ve always had a kindred spirit with Serena because I remember her when she first moved to OVW. We’re both Virginia girls and I’ve loved her since day one. She’s always had so much passion and raw talent and it clicked right away. I just watched her grow from debuting on television to getting her head shaved and even [in WWE], she never got a chance because I felt then, she was better than most of the girls. Probably better than me, I don’t know. It wasn’t just about in-ring. It was the details and the character. She could just wrestle and I appreciated that so much. It’s cool to watch her journey because I think she’s been through it too. After the first run, it seems like a struggle and she never got a chance to showcase her wrestling ability on television. Then to come back for the [Mae Young Classic] and be a trainer. She’s 30 and all the girls she’s training are her age or older. There’s so much to do with her. She’s so sweet and until you see her live, she doesn’t feel dangerous when you talk to her. We say ‘too nice for wrestling.’ I’m so happy she’s getting a chance to really showcase why she was put in positions to help level everyone up because she was already there the whole time.”

(via Fightful)

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