Mike Bailey Says There Is Much More To Come Between Himself And Josh Alexander

Top IMPACT Wrestling Star “Speedball” Mike Bailey appeared on the Battleground podcast to speak about topics such as how he feels like he was able to cram in an entire career’s worth of wrestling in just a short amount of time since making his debut with the company.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey said:

“You say it’s been just over a year since I made my debut with Impact, and that sounds absolutely crazy to me. I feel like I was able to cram in an entire career’s worth of wrestling in Impact since 2022.”

“Speedball” Mike Bailey also spoke about how his 60-minute match against former IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander is a part of his story and how he feels there is much more to come between himself and Josh Alexander.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey said:

“It’s very close to number one, given how recently it’s happened. If you ask me for my favorite match, it’s typically something very recent because, again, continual progress. The 60 minutes that we had in Impact definitely feels like part of the story to me, and it feels like there is much, much more to come between Josh Alexander and myself.”

You can check out “Speedball” Mike Bailey’s full comments in the video below. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.

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