Mike Chioda On Batista, Chris Benoit Brawling With Kickboxers

During his appearance on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE referee Mike Chioda reflected on an overseas brawl. The scuffle included multiple WWE Superstars, including Chris Benoit, Batista, and random kickboxers. Check out Chioda’s comments below.

On how the fight began:

“Somebody said something to somebody and they cleared away, and the next thing you know a big fight broke out,” Chioda said. “Everybody was running off the bus, we were all fighting, dudes just throwing around, and it was a good old time there. It was Batista in that brawl, Benoit was in that brawl. Everybody, everybody was just all over the place because it was a good amount of guys. It was about 20-something guys [kickboxers] and there was about 20-something of us.”

On John Laurinaitis stepping in to stop the fight:

“I remember Johnny Laurinaitis running, ‘Guys, guys, guys, stop, stop,’” Chioda added. “But yeah, all hell broke loose after that for a little while and everything calmed down. No, no [no one got fined], we were just protecting our buddies. Whoever got into the fight in the beginning when he walked into the lobby, we’re tired and grizzled and they were drunk and fired up, and it fired us right up. That’s it.”

(Via SportsKeeda)

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