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Mike Chioda Reveals How WWE Handles Unplanned Mistakes During Matches, Royal Rumble Bouts

Did you know there is no “Plan B” in place going into a WWE Royal Rumble match?

Former longtime WWE referee Mike Chioda spoke about this topic during the latest installment of his weekly “Mailbag With Mike Chioda” feature.

During his latest mailbag segment, the former longtime WWE official answered a questioned from a fan that asked whether or not WWE ever has a “Plan B” in place for their 30-man and 30-woman Royal Rumble matches in case the planned winner ends up getting injured or clearly eliminated on accident during the match.

Featured below is the response that Mike Chioda gave when fielding the Royal Rumble “Plan B” question.

“‘Not really. That’s a good question. But I mean, Plan B, no, there is no Plan B. When you are going into a Royal Rumble match, I mean, we can call this stuff on the fly. So, if there is two guys that go out at the same time, I’m sure we would just restart the match and redo those two competitors. If they fell at the same time, it would be a draw. But Plan B if anybody gets hurt or something, no, we’d just call it on the fly and then we would say, ‘okay, this one’s going over,’ or they would let that guy lay low for a while, and we would come up with a Plan B finish, with the same guy but, everything is called on the fly at certain times.”

He went on to add that in a situation like that, or any other one that involves changes being made on-the-fly from whoever is calling the shots at Gorilla position, which he noted is more often than not the Chairman of the Board himself, Vince McMahon.

“Yeah, it would come from Vince and whoever is in charge at gorilla during the match, the producer, the agent. And if Vince is watching, if he is there, then he would decide who he wants to go over at that time. And you know, you’ve got to remember when you’ve got something like that going on, you can always take it away from him on Monday Night RAW if you had to go another direction with the storyline or so forth.”

Also during his latest mailbag segment, Mike Chioda sounded off with his thoughts on Edge winning the 30-man Royal Rumble match at this year’s WWE Royal Rumble 2021 pay-per-view.

“Man, I love it. Edge is a; he has been in the movies. You know, in the Vikings, I love him in that series called Vikings. And Edge had one of the most ruthless, one of the most out-of-the-blue spears, one of the deadliest finishers, when he used to hit that spear. A phenomenal worker who is from Canada. And a great guy. I love Edge, Man. He’s always been a great guy to me. Phenomenal worker and great to see him back, and he looks great.”

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