Missy Hyatt Talks To Hannibal TV

Missy Hyatt Explains Why Paige Has Herself To Blame For Being Forced Into Retirement

Women’s wrestling pioneer Missy Hyatt recently spoke with the folks at Hannibal TV for an in-depth, sit-down interview.

During the discussion, Hyatt had plenty to say about Paige’s social media incidents from last year, as well as the recent news that she has been forced into retirement.

“Nowadays, with social media, don’t take anything that you don’t want to get out,” Hyatt said of Paige’s photo leak in 2017. “Because everybody’s got cameras nowadays, so when you’re out in public, be on your best behavior. Watch your P’s and Q’s because you never know when someone has a camera, and sees you either fighting with your boyfriend, or doing something stupid. So, don’t do it.”

Hyatt also addressed the recent news that Paige has been forced into retirement, explaining why she is of the opinion that Paige has no one to blame but herself.

“Overall, I think she had an opportunity to do something and to have a really, really great run, and I think she spoiled it,” said Hyatt. “I think it’s sad, because she could have had a really great run, and make a lot of money and probably never have to work again… I heard WWE didn’t want her to have the neck surgery, but she pressed for the neck surgery, and [they’re] like, you’re too young to have the neck surgery.”

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