MJF Being Interviewed As Neutral Witness In Backstage AEW Fight Involving CM Punk, Young Bucks

— With the third party investigation into the AEW backstage fight still ongoing and while the company has yet to make a public comment, everyone who was involved in the incident has either been suspended or told not to come in, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This would include CM Punk, producers Ace Steel and Pat Buck, The Young Bucks, Omega, Christopher Daniels (who heads up Talent Relations), Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler. Many of these individuals only participated to the extent of trying to break up the fight, but until the investigation is complete, AEW chose to keep them all at home.

— The independent firm that is investigating are believed to be conducting video interviews with everyone involved (the names above) as well as any neutral bystanders who didn’t get physically involved but were witness to the action. Two key names from this group include MJF, as well as Megha Parekh, who is the Chief Legal Officer of both AEW and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Observer adds that anything beyond the current suspensions are all pending and dependent on the results of the investigation. AEW is not expected to publicly address anything until then, and it’s possible they may never.

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