MJF Goes On Twitter Tirade Following Loss At Last Night’s AEW ALL OUT

AEW superstar MJF took to Twitter shortly after the conclusion of last night’s ALL OUT pay per view, where MJF was defeated by Jon Moxley in a world championship match. The 24-year old would take his frustrations out on his bodyguard Wardlow, as well as Moxley’s wife, former WWE analyst and commentator Renee Young.

MJF begins by sharing a picture of the AEW title and captioning it with, “So close.” He later writes, “We aren’t gonna talk about the fact he cheated?!?!?!?!”

MJF then goes after Warlow, who tried to slip MJF his signature diamond ring that he’s used to win several matchups, but threw it too far from his line of sight. “Fuck wardlow. My bad, not like I was in a brutal war or anything. Actually….fuck all of you.”

Renee Young tweeted shortly before the bout begin, “Very excited to watch my very handsome husband beat the hell out of that dork MJF.” This prompted MJF to respond with, “Your husband cheated in the match like a coward.” Young fired back with, “This is a man’s game, babe. You’ll get there one day.”

Check it out below.

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