MJF Has Not Been in Contact With Anyone in AEW Recently; Update on His Future

— AEW superstar MJF has pretty much disappeared from the wrestling scene after his match at Double or Nothing and subsequent promo on Dynamite the week after. Fightfulselect.com reports that neither AEW talent or staff has apparently heard from him since then and even people who have worked with him or are said to be close to him have state that they he’s stopped communicating with them as well.

— Furthermore, AEW CEO Tony Khan has reportedly also not spoken of MJF since his last appearance on June 1 nor has the wrestler been at any AEW related shows or events and has pretty much gone radio silent with some suggesting that he is on his way out of the company and wants to go to WWE but at this point that is merely speculation. This isn’t part of the fightful report, but there are also others within the industry who also still maintain that this is all an elaborate work, ultimately leading to his return to AEW at some point considering there is plenty of time left on his current contract.

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