MJF Talks The Importance Of His 60-Minute Iron Man Match With Bryan Danielson

AEW World Champion MJF spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated on a number of topics such as how important the AEW World Championship 60-Minute Iron Man Match against Bryan Danielson at the 2023 AEW Revolution PPV Event was for his career as he learned far more inside of that match than he would ever learn in the history of his pro wrestling career and he would also learn what made Danielson the American Dragon, which would make him levels better.

MJF said:

“I will say this about Bryan–I learned far more inside of that match, bell to bell, than I’d ever learned in the history of my career in a match.” “I wanted to kill that motherf***er, but I also learned what made Bryan Danielson the American Dragon. And that made me levels better. We have zero in common, and I mean zero, but I learned a lot. And that was the first time we’d ever shared a ring together, which too many people gloss over.”

You can check out MJF’s full comments at this link.

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