MLW Saturday Night SuperFight 2019 PPV Results From Illinois

MLW Saturday Night SuperFight Results (11/2/2019)

Major League Wrestling (MLW) presented their MLW Saturday Night SuperFight pay-per-view from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday night, November 2, 2019.

Featured below are complete results from the event.

The following report was written by Jason Powell (@prowrestlingnet) and

MLW Saturday Night SuperFight
Aired live on November 2, 2019 on pay-per-view and FITE.TV
Chicago, Illinois at Cicero Stadium

Pre-Show Results: Leo Brien beat Savio Vega, Gino Medina over Air Wolf, Hijo de LA Park beat Zenshi, and Simon Gotch and Ikuro Kwon beat The Spirit Squad and Dominic Garrini & Douglas James in a Triple Threat tag match.

A video package that focused on the top matches opened the show… The broadcast team of Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch checked in from ringside.

Ring announcer Blake Chadwick introduced MLW Tag Champions MJF and Richard Holliday. The Dynasty members got a mic and heeled on the crowd. The Von Erichs made their entrance and went right after the heels…

1. MJF and Richard Holliday vs. Ross Von Erich and Marshall Von Erich in a Texas Tornado match for the MLW Tag Titles. The heels had a double pin on Ross, but Marshall performed a moonsault onto the pile to break it up. The Von Erichs performed an Iron Claw and back suplex combo move on MJF and pinned him to win the match…

Ross Von Erich and Marshall Von Erich defeated MJF and Richard Holiday in 9:45 in a Texas Tornado match to win the MLW Tag Titles.

An H2TV video aired. Davey Boy Smith Jr. told Brian Pillman Jr. that Low Ki would be bringing his A-game and he wanted him to bring his too. Smith said that Pillman’s father was a warrior and he believes he has that warrior spirit too. Smith told Pillman to focus and went for a fist bump, but Pillman hugged him and said he’d give it his all…

2. Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco, and Puma King vs. “Injustice” Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, and Kotto Brazil. The heels played hot potato with a weapon to hide it from the referee. The match started and all six men brawled. At 6:45, Oliver leapt from the ropes at Gringo, who caught him in the air and powerbombed him on the way down in a nice spot. At 9:50, Reed performed a cutter from the apron to the floor on Gringo. In the end, Olver performed a cutter on Dragon, Brazil performed a move on Dragon, then Reed performed a springboard 450 splash on Dragon. Reed and Brazil both covered Dragon and the referee counted the pin for some reason…

“Injustice” Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, and Kotto Brazil. defeated Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco, and Puma King in 10:15.

The broadcast team both complained about the Injustice members having a victim complex. They set up a video package on the MLW Middleweight Championship match…

3. Teddy Hart vs. Austin Aries for the MLW Middleweight Championship. Hart brought his cat Mr. Velvet to the ring with him and they were accompanied by a woman, who brought the cat to the back after Hart made a lap around the ring and shook hands with the fans. Aries grew tired of waiting and hit a suicide dive on Hart. The referee rewarded this by calling for the bell to start the match. At 9:45, Aries hit a discus five-arm that knocked Hart to the match. Hart came back with a lung blower and then performed a hammerlock DDT and went for the cover, but Aries put his feet on the ropes.

At 12:00, Aries hit a Canadian Destroyer from the ropes and got a two count. Aries immediately applied the Last Chancery. Hart struggled and eventually reached the ropes. A short time later, Hart set up for a Canadian Destroyer from the ropes, but Aries shook the ropes and crotched Hart. Aries hit a running dropkick in the corner and then followed up with a brainbuster and went for a cover, but Hart kicked out.

Aries was shocked and barked at the referee about his count. Aries went for a suicide dive, but Hart moved, causing Aries to crash into the guardrail. Hart returned to the ring. Aries wasn’t going to beat the 20 count, but Hart called off the count. Hart rolled Aries onto the apron and threw elbows to the back of his head. Hart set up for a move on the apron, but Aries was dead weight and fell into the ring. Suddenly, Aries shot up and rolled up Hart for a two count. Hart responded with a Canadian Destroyer and scored the pin…

Teddy Hart defeated Austin Aries in 18:30 to retain the MLW Middleweight Championship.

The Contra Unit logo flashed. Josef Samael was shown smoking a cigar in front of a Contra flag. He congratulated Hart and said now he has a target on him. Samael said he hasn’t forgotten about the Von Erichs and he has an offer for them that they can refuse. The camera pulled back and Jacob Fatu was standing next to Samael, who said there would be the first ever public execution in the main event. “Hail Contra,” Fatu said…

A brief video package touted the launch of the MLW women’s division… An MLW merchandise video aired… An ad aired for upcoming MLW events…

Bocchini hyped that a portion of next week’s show in Orlando will air live on beIN Sports. They also noted that this event was sold out in Chicago…

4. Low Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman came out wearing his father’s Hollywood Blondes jacket. Pillman took his jacket off and revealed a pink “Property of Pillman Jr.” t-shirt. Low Ki slapped Pillman to start the match. The audio cut out briefly during the match when Low Ki slammed Pillman on the floor at ringside.

A short time later, Pillman came back with a powerslam for a two count. Low Ki responded by mauling Pillman with several knees to the head. Low Ki brought Pillman to the ropes where the wrestlers fought for position. Low Ki elbowed Pillman, who fell off the ropes, then got up and hit a springboard clothesline.

Low Ki kicked Pillman. The referee checked on Pillman. Low Ki kicked Pillman in the corner. The referee pulled Low Ki back and counted Pillman down until he got to his feet and shoved him. Pillman threw his mouthguard at Low Ki, who responded by performing a somersault heel kick. The referee called off the match.

Low Ki defeated Brian Pillman Jr. via ref stoppage in 8:10.

After the match, Low Ki revived Pillman and then spoke to him. Pillman nodded in response. Low Ki offered his hand to help up Pillman, who accepted the offer. Kirsch said it was a lesson for Pillman. Bocchini praised Pillman for hanging in as long as he did with Low Ki…

A video package touted MLW’s partnership with Mexico’s AAA promotion and showcased some of their wrestlers. The narrator said expect to see the wrestlers from each brand working the other’s events and a graphic listed it as “coming soon”…

5. Tom Lawlor vs. Timothy Thatcher. They went to ringside early and Lawlor caught Thatcher in a standing guillotine, but Thatcher ran him into the barricade to break the hold. At 7:15, Lawlor made the throat slashing gesture and followed it up with a chinlock attempt (yes, really!). Thatcher scrambled to the ropes to break it. Lawlor threw some strikes, but Thatcher backed him into the ropes and gave him a belly to belly suplex. Lawlor came right back with his own belly to belly suplex.

Lawlor applied another guillotine at ringside and then released the hold and shoved Thatcher into the barricade. Lawlor worked over Thatcher with chops at ringside. Back in the ring, Lawlor threw kicks to the chest of Thatcher, who invited more. Lawlor threw three more and knocked him into the corner and then dropkicked him. Lawlor played to the crowd, then Thatcher exploited the delay and performed a butterfly suplex for a two count.

Thatcher immediately applied an armbar. Lawlor escaped and performed a German suplex. Thatcher came back with a suplex of his own. A short time later, the wrestlers traded headbutts while fighting for control. Lawlor won the battle and suplexed Thatcher and covered him for a two count. Lawlor threw a knee and a kick and then started firing punches while Thatcher attempted to cover up. Thatcher sat up and Lawlor immediately applied a rear naked choke. Thatcher, whose face was bleeding, tapped out…

Tom Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher in 15:40.

After the match, Kaci Lennox entered the ring to interview Lawlor, who said Thatcher is one of the best talents in the world. Lawlor said it was time to talk about what he’s going to do next. Lawlor said he can do whatever he wants. He said he could put Team Filthy back together or go after the belt or go after everyone in the company. Lawlor put his arm around Lennox and said the one thing that is for sure is that MLW is going to stay Filthy…

A video package set up the Stairway to Hell match…

6. Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc (w/Salina de la Renta) vs. Bestia 666 in a Stairway to Hell ladder match. A piece of batch of barbwire was hanging above the ring. The broadcast team questioned whether Warner was 100 percent. Warner and Havoc fought over a stapler. Warner won the battle and used it on Havoc’s junk. A “you sick f—” chant broke out. Warner set up a ladder over the barricade and ring and slammed Havoc onto it. Bestia returned to the fight and set up a ladder to make a play for the barbwire. Havoc met him on the other side and they traded punches until Warner, who was bleeding heavily from the forehead, pushed it over.

A short time later, Warner worked over Bestia in the corner. Havoc climbed the ladder. Warner spotted him and pushed the ladder over and Havoc took a bump through a door board that was leaning in the corner. One of the broadcast team members said this match was a therapy session in the making. Funny. Warner climbed the ladder and pulled down the barbwire. Besita pulled it away. Havoc held Warner, then Bestia pushed the barbwire crown into the face of Warner. Havoc had Warner pinned, but Bestia broke it up and then pulled Havoc to ringside and crotched him onto the barricade.

Bestia performed a sidewalk slam on Havoc that drove him onto a chair that was set up on its side. Bestia went to the ladder, but Havoc recovered, grabbed him by the balls, and tossed him off the ladder and onto the chair. Havoc set up a board on two chairs and placed the barbwire on top of the board. Warner returned and threw punches at both opponents. Havoc picked up the barbwire and drove it into the face of Warner. Havoc took the barbwire and used it on Bestia’s, um, pubic region. Warner came back and superplexed Bestia through the board that was set up on the chairs and then pinned him.

Mance Warner beat Bestia 666 and Jimmy Havoc in a three-way Stairway to Hell ladder match.

After the match, Havoc attacked Warner and gave him a piledriver onto a piece of the guardrail in the entrance aisle. Havoc followed up with an Acid Rainmaker. Havoc wiped some blood from Warner’s head onto his hand and then smeared it onto his own face. Warner stayed down and was tended to by ringside medics…

The broadcast team announced a special edition of MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving night that will air on Youtube (I’ll be way too stuffed from turkey dinner to even think about covering that show live)…

A video package set up the MLW National Openweight Championship match and it focused heavily on the relationship between Hammerstone and Georgia Smith…

7. Alex Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the MLW National Openweight Championship. Smith wore a Bulldog mask to the ring, which Bocchini said was honoring Smith’s father. The big men focused the early part of the match around various tests of strength. Hammerstone took a page out of Davey Boy Smith’s playbook by performing a standing vertical suplex. Smith no-sold it and then performed the move himself and included a couple of small squats.

At 8:45, Hammerstone performed a missile dropkick for a two count. Hammerstone went back to the ropes, but this time Smith cut him off with headbutts. Smith performed a superplex. Smith went back to the ropes and performed a headbutt to the sternum that resulted in a two count. The wrestlers traded German suplexes and both men popped up after taking the move. Smith came right back with three more. Smith applied a crossface and used the ropes to put himself in the middle of the ring.

MJF and Richard Holliday ran out. Smith released the hold and clotheslined both men off the air. Hammerstone threw Smith back first into an exposed turnbuckle. Hammerstone threw a kick to the head and got a near fall. Smith caught Hammerstone in a small package for a two count. Smith rolled up Hammerstone, but Hammerstone rolled through. Hammerstone held the tights and both men were in the ropes, but the referee counted the pin anyway.

Alexander Hammerstone beat Davey Boy Smith Jr. in 14:20 to retain the MLW National Openweight Championship.

Still shots aired of each man who has held the MLW Championship going back to the original version of the company and ending with a shot of current champion Jacob Fatu… A video package set up the main event… The broadcast team discussed the main event and a tale of the tape was shown…

The venue was dark and then women holding candles lined the entryway. LA Park and Salina de la Renta walked between them. The lights turned on and the women holding the candles could be seen wearing white face paint.

8. Jacob Fatu (w/Josef Samael) vs. LA Park (w/Salina de la Renta) in a No DQ match for the MLW Championship. There were dueling “LA Park” and “Fatu” chants. Blake Chadwick delivered in-ring introductions for the title match and billed it as the ultimate super fight. Park took the mic and spoke in Spanish. Whatever he said led to a loud “LA Park” chant. The wrestlers traded strikes to start the match. Fatu performed a German suplex. Park got up and returned the favor. Rinse and repeat with both men hitting another German suplex. Park sent Fatu to ringside with a knee to the head and then performed a suicide dive onto him.

Fatu made a play for Park’s mask. Salina argued with the referee. Samael ran in and hit Park with a spike to the the head, then ducked out to ringside. Park’s mask was ripped open and he was bleeding heavily from the forehead. The wrestlers went to ringside and Fatu ran Park into the barricade and worked him over on the floor. Samael punched Park in front of the ref (it’s a No DQ match). Fatu continued to fire away at Park with punches and headbutts. Both of Park’s hands were covered in blood from his forehead. Fatu threw Park into the crowd (gross) and followed him and continued to work him over.

The wrestlers returned to the ring and Fatu continued to dominate. Park eventually rallied with a powerslam on a charging Fatu and covered him. The referee was slow to get into position and it resulted in a two count. Fatu performed a handspring into the ropes and hit a standing moonsault on Park that led to a near fall. Fatu placed Park on the top rope. Park knocked Fatu down with a headbutt and then leapt to the top rope and hit a twisting senton for a near fall of his own. A wild spot for a 53 year-old man.

Park tossed Fatu to ringside and followed him. Park picked up the small timekeeper’s table and threw it at Fatu. Park grabbed a chair and slammed it over the back of Fatu. Park slammed the ring bell over the head of Fatu, who ducked under the ring and came out bleeding from the forehead. Park headbutted Park several times. Fatu came back with a springboard shoulder tackle and got a two count. Park went to ringside. Fatu ran the the ropes and then leapt over the top rope and crashed onto Park at ringside, which drew well deserved “holy shit” chants.

Fatu pulled a table out from the under the ring and set it up in a corner of the ring while Samael took cheap shots at Park and then rolled him back inside the ring. Fatu performed a uranage style slam and then went for a moonsault (that it was obvious he wouldn’t hit because the table was waiting in the corner) and Park moved. The loud dueling chants continued. Park slowly covered Fatu. Samael entered the ring and threw a fireball at the referee.

Salina entered the ring and slapped Samael, which moved him out of the way just as Park tried to spear him, but Park speared Salina instead and put her through the table in the corner. A second referee ran out. Fatu superkicked Park and then performed an elevated Samoan drop. Fatu performed a moonsault and scored the pin.

Jacob Fatu defeated LA Park in roughly 21:00 to retain the MLW Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Fatu and Samael celebrated in the aisle while Park picked up Salina in the ring. They replayed the table spot and the fireball. Park hoisted Salina onto his shoulder and carried her to the back while Bocchini closed out the show… Social Media Interaction

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