Molly Holly Appears On Ring The Belle's Top 5 Countdown

Molly Holly Reveals WWE NXT Talents She Believes Will Make A Big Splash On The Main Roster

WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly, who also works as a producer for the promotion, took part in a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, where she spoke about a number of topics such as which WWE NXT talents she believes will make a big splash on the main roster.

Molly Holly said:

“Carmelo (Hayes), I think (will make a big splash on the main roster) if you’re talking about the men. I think Carmelo’s doing a great job and as far as women, her name starts with a ‘K’ and she was like a dancer and she’s into gymnastics. She dresses like a businesswoman. Ah, I forgot. Kiana (James)? I forgot her name. But I really liked her and oh, Zoey (Stark) is one of the most amazing athletes I’ve ever seen so, I think they’ve got a ton of great talent there. It seems like anyone who comes up for a tryout — Nathan Frazer just did a match against Bronson (Reed) I think and I was really impressed with his stuff too. Oh! And there was a kid who just came up and did a match… Dante (Chen). Dante was his name and I liked him a lot.”

Molly Holly also spoke about what she admires most about fellow WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

Molly Holly said:

“So, what I admired about Lita was that she wasn’t — I don’t wanna say she wasn’t a people pleaser but, she really marched the beat of her own drum and didn’t take crap from people… I admired that because I was too timid. If somebody mistreated me or said something rude, I would just be like, aw. But she would be like, ‘Hey! You can’t say that to me’ or something and I would be like, woah! She stuck up for herself (Molly laughed). So I just admired that she’s had a lot of confidence and then in the ring, the fact that fans will go crazy for her. Any time you get to wrestle somebody super popular, it just makes the match more fun.”

You can check out Molly Holly’s full comments at this link. H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes.

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