Montez Ford Reveals Whether Or Not He Knew In Advance Bianca Belair Would Be Winning Title At WrestleMania 38

Montez Ford recently spoke with the Battleground podcast for an in-depth interview covering his WWE career, as well as that of his wife’s, Bianca Belair.

During the discussion, the member of The Street Profits tag-team in WWE revealed whether or not he knew in advance that his wife, Bianca Belair, would be winning the Women’s Title from Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38 last week.

The WWE Superstar offered the following statement when asked the question during the aforementioned discussion.

“We always like being surprised. I feel like that’s where the emotion gets more genuine. I’m more nervous for her matches than mine.

So not knowing the actual result, I knew she was going to go out there have a banger and she’s going to do her thing, but just to see 1-2-3 and win just makes the reaction more genuine.”

“Win, lose, or draw, I’m always happy and always so proud of her. So yeah, I was just like everyone else. I want to feel like everyone else when that end result happens. So yeah, man, I just sat back and enjoyed the show.”

Check out the complete interview at H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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