Moose Hints At Early Retirement, Post Wrestling Plans

Impact Wrestling star Moose recently sat down for an interview with David Penzer, who hosts Sitting Ringside with David Penzer. The 36 year old former American football player spoke about his wrestling career, and hinted at what some would call an early retirement. When speaking on the subject, Moose explained:

“I don’t want to be one of those guys that is 50 years old and can barely move, but they keep wrestling because they can’t say no or they need the money. Once I’ve accomplished everything that I want to accomplish personally, which I’d rather not share (those goals), then I’ll make it out. If I accomplish all that stuff before I’m 40, then I might retire at 40. If it takes me to be 42 to accomplish everything, then maybe I’ll retire at 42. Once I accomplish everything I that I always dreamt of as a kid (is when I’ll retire).”

The current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and former two-time Impact Grand Champion gave a look into his post-wrestling future, which Moose say may involve even more wrestling. Moose told Penzer:

“It’s something I’ve thought about doing, once I’m done with my in-ring career because I love wrestling so much. Once I accomplish everything I set out to do, I’ll hang the boots up and maybe pursue a role in training or maybe running my own wrestling company.”

Moose will defend his newly reinstated Impact World Championship against Rich Swann, at the upcoming Impact Sacrifice event, which goes down on March 13th.

(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)

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