Moose Reveals Which NFL Icon Gave Him His Nickname

During a recent appearance on Mina’s House podcast IMPACT star Moose revealed that NFL legend Michael Vick was the one who gave him the “Moose” moniker. He also talks about becoming good friends with Scott Hall. Highlights are below.

Says Michael Vick gave him the Moose moniker:

“My rookie [year] in the NFL, Michael Vick gave it to me. He said I looked like a guy named Moose that played before I even got there. Never met this guy. I guess he looked like me or I looked like him and I just — I hated the name when I first got it but it just stuck so… so everybody from — that I played with from 2006 to now my wrestling career calls me Moose.”

On getting high with Scott Hall”

“I remember the first time I met Scott Hall/Razor Ramon and we became good friends but like, the first time I met him, I actually smoked weed with him. In my mind, I was like, ‘Are you f*cking serious? I’m smoking weed with Razor Ramon.’ Like unreal. Craziest moment of my life so it was like, that was definitely the biggest, probably the most exciting time since I’ve been in wrestling when I met Razor Ramon for the first time on weed, I was at his house. We were just smoking a joint like it was nothing. It was like it blew my mind.”

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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