Moose Says IMPACT Wrestling Is At The Best They Have Ever Been

Top IMPACT Star Moose recently appeared on Reel Talker, where he said that IMPACT Wrestling is at the best they have ever been, especially with Scott D’ Amore running things and how excited he is for the promotion as well as to see how bigger things will get because everything that is happening right now is really great.

Moose said:

“Easily, right now, in the last few years, especially since the new regime took over with Scott (D’Amore) running everything.” “It’s the best time in the company’s era. Especially since I’ve been here. I’m just excited to see how bigger things get because it’s great right now.”

Moose also talked about how he doesn’t like making dream matches and how he isn’t into dream matches, but he can wrestle just about anyone as long as that is what the fans want to see and if the match is made official.

Moose said:

“I’m not big on dream matches. I’m in that zone in my career where I can wrestle anybody and have an outstanding match with anyone. I’m up to wrestle anybody, whatever the fans want to see, if they can make it happen, let’s do it. Personally, I don’t like making up dream matches.”

You can check out Moose’s full comments in the video below. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the above quotes.

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