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Morale At WWE Headquarters Bad This Week; Backstage Details On WWE’s Layoffs

Following WWE’s significant restructuring after its sale to Endeavor, there have been several noteworthy developments and observations:

  1. Morale at WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, CT, has understandably taken a hit due to the recent layoffs. President Nick Khan has called for an in-office staff meeting on Tuesday, presumably to discuss the changes and address any questions. It is believed that all the staff cuts have been completed.
  2. Remaining employees are grappling with a mix of sadness and guilt, making it a challenging time as they encounter the empty desks of colleagues who are no longer with WWE.
  3. Many of those who are still with the company anticipate an increase in their workloads over the next few days or weeks to ensure the smooth operation of WWE, especially in the smaller departments that were hit hardest by the layoffs.
  4. While Nick Khan stated that the cuts were finished, there’s an internal sense that as Endeavor fully takes control, there may still be occasional smaller layoffs and additional changes affecting employees.
  5. Some employees have expressed that Stephanie McMahon, the former co-CEO of WWE during Vince McMahon’s absence, is sorely missed during this process. She had reportedly worked diligently to boost staff morale during her time as CEO, and while she may have advocated more for the staff, her presence likely wouldn’t have prevented WWE’s sale to Endeavor.
  6. It’s noteworthy that there were no reported layoffs on the UFC side, as WWE was the incoming company with a minority share in the TKO company. Therefore, the layoffs primarily affected the wrestling side of the business rather than impacting the full-time, permanent employees already working for Endeavor or its UFC branch.

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