More Backstage News From WWE’s Employee Meeting This Week

Additional insights from the WWE employee meeting in Stamford, CT, as per pwinsider.com:

Some employees expressed dissatisfaction with Vince McMahon’s comment that the company had reached a plateau and needed Endeavor to take it to the “next level.” Many employees felt that business was thriving and had seen significant growth since McMahon’s departure. They believed that if business wasn’t doing well, the Board of Directors wouldn’t have initially rejected his attempt to return. McMahon’s return was seen by some as a way to regain power, given his majority stock ownership, which led to Stephanie McMahon’s resignation from the company. There was sympathy expressed for Stephanie and Triple H following the meeting.

Ari Emanuel’s comment about his daughter included a reference to “getting her” a job in WWE, which some perceived as a playful “dad joke,” while others took it seriously. It’s worth noting that his daughter had been working for the company for some time as an Executive Assistant, unrelated to Endeavor’s acquisition. Emanuel was actively engaging with employees at the event, making himself available for conversations.

Paul Levesque did not address the employees from the stage during the presentation.

The meeting saw the attendance of several hundred employees, estimated at around 300-400 individuals. For some, it was their first time in the new Tower, as their divisions had not yet relocated.

Most of the executives, including Ari Emanuel, remained to interact and converse with employees. The exception was Vince McMahon, who promptly left after the presentation. It appeared to some attendees that McMahon was still in the process of recovering from his recent back surgery, based on his movements.

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