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More Backstage News On CM Punk’s Return To WWE At Survivor Series WarGames

CM Punk made a somewhat unexpected return to WWE at Survivor Series, marking the end of a tumultuous near-decade-long absence. More details about Punk’s return have emerged, as reported by PWInsider:

  • The agreement between WWE and Punk is believed to be “several years in length,” according to company sources. Contrary to previous reports, discussions between the two parties only began over the last week.
  • Once conversations commenced, the deal reportedly came together “rather quickly.” From WWE’s perspective, it signifies a “new beginning” in the relationship between Punk and the company. The actual agreement was finalized hours before Survivor Series.
  • WWE considered delaying Punk’s return until January’s Royal Rumble but decided against it. The rationale was that waiting longer would increase the risk of backstage leaks, potentially spoiling the surprise. Additionally, Survivor Series being in Punk’s hometown of Chicago guaranteed a massive ovation.
  • After agreeing to terms and residing just 20 minutes from the AllState Arena, Punk was able to drive to the venue and enter at the last minute for his end-of-show appearance.
  • While Punk will likely wrestle for WWE, it is speculated that he won’t be on a full-time schedule, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed.
  • Speculation has already surfaced about potential matches for Punk, including bouts against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, and a long-awaited dream match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, possibly at WrestleMania.
  • The impact of Punk’s return on the locker room dynamic remains uncertain, and AEW will likely observe with curiosity. Punk’s tenure in WWE, free from incidents, could silence critics who claim he is a source of backstage tension. However, if controversies arise, it could validate AEW’s stance. Many wrestlers within WWE have expressed readiness to “make money” by setting aside differences and working with Punk upon his return.

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