More Backstage News On WWE’s Deal With CW Network For NXT; NWA Reportedly Blindsided

  • WWE has officially announced a significant TV deal for NXT, with the show slated to move to The CW Network starting October 2024. Concurrently, SmackDown has secured a new rights deal and is set to transition to the USA Network around the same period. Ongoing discussions between TKO/WWE and CW have been in progress for months, and recent reports suggest that the network was exploring potential deals with other wrestling promotions, notably NWA.
  • From WWE’s perspective, according to fightfulselect.com, the deal unfolded rapidly, and the company is thrilled with the outcome. They are now generating millions in revenue for a TV show that they were producing for free just five years ago. The rights fee for NXT has experienced a significant boost, and the move to a broadcast station expands their viewership compared to their previous cable home. Although official figures are yet to be disclosed, it is believed to be close to a 100% increase from the previous $15 million price tag.
  • Regarding the scheduling of NXT, the show is currently expected to stay on Tuesdays. However, with almost a year remaining until the deal takes effect, finalizing those details will be part of the discussions in 2024. The structure of NXT is anticipated to remain largely similar, and those involved with the product hope that main roster WWE stars will continue to be part of the show.
  • On the other hand, from NWA’s perspective, the fightful report notes that the promotion was taken aback by the news and felt blindsided by the agreement. NWA had been in talks with CW, including discussions for a reality-type show. Although talks could potentially continue, WWE sources are skeptical that it will happen now that the rights to NXT have been secured.

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