More Backstage News On WWE’s Interest in Giulia; Note On Her Contractual Status

As previously reported, WWE has expressed notable interest in the current NJPW Strong Women’s Champion, Giulia. However, according to, there are no plans for a tryout, despite rumors suggesting she might be at WWE’s Performance Center later this month. The reason for this is straightforward: Giulia remains under contract with Bushiroad until March 2024. The report also notes that WWE has held interest in her since around 2019, but it remains uncertain if she is contemplating a move to WWE or any other promotion once her current contract expires.

Giulia, who resides in Japan, is scheduled to visit the United States in January for NJPW’s Battle in the Valley, where she will defend her Strong championship against Trish Adora. While this might seem like a suitable time for her to undergo a WWE tryout, she would require explicit permission from Bushiroad to participate in such activities. Additionally, her schedule is reportedly fully booked for the remainder of 2023.

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