More Backtage WWE News On Recent NXT Release; Drew Gulak Update

— WWE fired several NXT talent two weeks ago in a list that included Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson as well as several trainees at the Performance Center. Fightfulselect.com’s Corey Brennan has more notes on the releases:

— Valentina Feroz and Boa were two names on the list and both have struggled with staying healthy in recent months. NXT talent who spoke on the matter indicated that neither wrestler got a consistent chance to show their potential given their injuries.

— Meanwhile Trey Bearhill was a release that reportedly caught many people within NXT off guard, including both other talent and members of the production team. While some believed that WWE was released due to his similarity to fellow Native American and NXT wrestler Eddy Thorpe, the report says those rumors were dismissed as untrue.

— Gable Steveson’s release was a surprise to some people online, but apparently didn’t surprise everyone within NXT. One talent compared to the difference between Steveson and his brother Damon Kemp, alluding to their ability to adapt to pro wrestling. As noted before, it is believed that a lack of progression is what led to Steveson’s release and his trouble in the past with the law had no bearing on his exit.

— Finally, as Triple H clarified following Backlash, Drew Gulak was not released as previously reported. Gulak actually remains under contract to WWE as his deal hasn’t expired yet but he’s been told that the company will not be re-signing him once it does expire.

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