More on Daniel Bryan Preparing for Possible In-Ring Return

  • As reported earlier, the Miz and Daniel Bryan blurred the lines of reality and fantasy when they got into it on the latest edition of “Talking Smack”. In case you missed it, Miz made light of the fact that Bryan can’t wrestle to which Bryan implied that it wasn’t his choice and that “they” won’t let me and to check again in 18 months.
  • This pretty much confirms that once his contract is up with WWE, Bryan will definitely attempt to wrestle again, reportedly in ROH, New Japan or CMLL as he is one of the wrestlers around that doesn’t care where he wrestles, as long as he is wrestling.
  • Due to the fact that Bryan is a regular on-screen character right now, the time on his contract continues to tick down but the belief is that unless something major happens, he won’t be wrestling for WWE.
  • The backstage rumor is that the entire retirement speech was forced on him by Vince McMahon, whereas Bryan continues to mentally prepare himself for an in-ring return so much that he has reportedly developed a new ring style that he believes will be lower risk for him while still enabling him to have interesting matches.

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