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More Details of Backstage AEW Fight Including New CM Punk Side Version

— Details continue to emerge about the backstage fight following AEW’s recently completed All Out PPV, with a version from the CM Punk/Ace Steel side now revealed. As per a report from fightfulselect.com, after hearing Punk’s comments during the post-PPV press conference, The Young Bucks headed straight for his locker room but Punk didn’t answer his door, with people close to him saying he had just completed a long, bloodied match and then engaged in an emotional media scrum. The Bucks reportedly “pounded” on the door before kicking it down.

— Again, from Punk’s side of things, Matt Jackson apparently took the first swing but he missed and Punk then retaliated. At this point, Nick was not involved while Kenny Omega and Ace Steel barged their way into the room. Steel’s wife was in the room, which is what he claims “set him off” and made him go “ballistic” by throwing chairs and biting Omega as he felt he was looking out for his wife above all else. Omega for his part didn’t seem that upset but as the situation escalated, he was bitten and had his hair pulled. The report adds that this was not a short altercation as it lasted a “very long” time and even after the brawl was broken up, words were continued to be exchanged.

— One rumor that came out of it was a potential injury to Punk as many believed he hurt his triceps, however, people close to him state that he actually suffered the injury in his match and was already icing it during the media scrum so any injury was not as a result of backstage fight. While there have been a lot of rumors suggesting that Steel is done with AEW and Punk is now far behind, sources note that neither have been told anything of the such yet however, the belief is that if they aren’t let go, they will face severe repercussions.

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