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More Details on Vince McMahon No Longer in WWE Creative; Roles of HHH & Nick Khan

Recent reports indicate that Vince McMahon has opted to step back from WWE’s current creative team, and as a result, Paul “Triple H” Levesque has once again taken the helm. Additional details about WWE’s current organizational structure have been provided by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

According to the report, Levesque is now making all the “key decisions” concerning creative matters, with Bruce Prichard playing a role in assisting and acting as a link between creative, talent relations, and talent services. Ed Koskey has assumed the responsibility of ensuring the smooth flow of scripts, particularly in Vince’s absence, though it’s noted that Vince could potentially return to a prominent role at any time.

While McMahon remains the central figure in charge of the entire company and wields the most authority, Nick Khan is primarily overseeing business-related initiatives. As previously mentioned, Levesque is spearheading the creative aspects of the organization.

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