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More on CM Punk’s AEW Dynamite Promo; Rumors of Punk Threatening to Quit AEW

— Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite consisted of a CM Punk promo which called out Hangman Page for a rematch, even though the two are not scheduled to wrestle at the next PPV with reports then emerging that Punk went off script with the callout. confirms the report as well as the detail that Punk and Page haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye since prior to their Double or Nothing match.

— The report adds that Punk was upset at the promo material from Page to the point where he went to AEW management and perhaps even told them that he wasn’t going to lose to Page under any circumstances. While not confirmed, it is believed that Page’s reference to Punk’s issues with Colt Cabana is what didn’t sit well with Punk and the locker room speculation is that Punk’s interview on Dynamite this week was some sort of “receipt” for that. While Page is now believed to have actually been backstage, there was nothing he could do as he would have had to charge past Tony Khan backstage and interrupt a promo that he wasn’t planned to be a part of.

— As for Punk, the fightful report notes that he has been verbally expressing his dissatisfaction about things recently, with some saying that he might quit the company while others believed that while he wouldn’t outright quit AEW, there was a chance he was going to no-show the August 17 Dynamite. Whatever was said is only explicitly known by few people, but one veteran said that he heard that “threats were levied.”

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