White Rabbit

More on WWE Keeping “White Rabbit” Teases Under Wraps; Likely to be Signal Bray Wyatt’s Return

— WWE has been teasing “White Rabbit” over the last week, leading to speculation both online and within the company, with the consensus being that it relates in some way to the return of Bray Wyatt. Yesterday, it was reported that whatever plans WWE has for this storyline are being closely guarded and not shared with very many people at all and fightfulselect.com corroborates that saying that the “majority of WWE is left in the dark” with nobody really knowing what the references are about. Even members of production, who normally would be briefed on what the teases would be building towards have no clue. However, everyone within WWE who has offered their opinion believes this to signal Wyatt’s return with most believing that his return is imminent and simply a “matter of time.”

— While there have been some rumors that “White Rabbit” might be reference a repackaging for Karrion/Killer Kross as he went by that character in Lucha, one longtime WWE staff member didn’t think the new regime headed by Triple H would reintroduce Kross like that after two months of already being back while others felt that no matter what, the new regime will have to deliver on the tease in a meaningful manner. If the 9/23 hint that dropped on Monday is accurate, it sounds like we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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