More on Paige’s Injury; Backstage Reaction From Other Wrestlers

— As covered before, WWE’s Paige has been told by the company’s team of medical professionals that she will not be cleared to return to the ring to wrestle, however, WWE is not planning to make any official statement or confirm that story publicly.

— A few wrestlers have indicated privately that that they felt the spot between Paige and Sasha Banks that caused the latest injury was a bad idea. One wrestler said that the spot was “stupid” and that if it wasn’t previously planned, it would be all Banks’ fault.

— However, the spot was planned in advance and the two wrestlers actually did the exact same move the night before at a house show in New York, so Paige knew it was coming. The problem was that she didn’t brace herself and/or tuck her chin in, which likely caused a severe whiplash.

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