WWE SmackDown To Undergo Name-Change Upon FOX Launch

More Possible Spoilers For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown; Major Star Set to Return

— The following are more notes for tonight’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown, as reported by fightfulselect.com and likely include spoilers.

  • Karion Kross and Scarlett are scheduled to be back on tonight’s episode and will feature their full presentation, including the hourglass entrance.
  • Liv Morgan, who will be involved in a contract signing with Shayna Baszler, will be selling her storyline injuries.
  • Ronda Rousey is set to return to WWE tonight on Smackdown and will be involved in the above contract signing.
  • A table spot in a match/segment is scheduled.
  • Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Street Profits and Roman Reigns are all tentatively scheduled for the show.
  • Potentially more returns (some talked about here on the show and one quote from a source was “the returns aren’t stopping.”

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