More on Ric Flair Leaving WWE; Speculation on Him Joining AEW

WWE released Hall of Famer Ric Flair last week and there’s been conflicting reports on how the release was initiated. The Observer Newsletter notes that Flair claims he asked to be let go while others in the company are claiming that it was strictly a Vince McMahon decision, due to WWE slashing salaries across the board and Flair likely having a high one – even higher than what he ever made in his days as a top WCW guy. The report goes on to state that Flair apparently sent a message to Vince complaining about the creative involving daughter Charlotte and it led to the company cutting ties with him. While it’s not known what the future holds for Flair, the Observer speculates that it would not be a surprise if he ended up with AEW so they could have three of the Four Horsemen.

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