More on Roman Reigns Linked to Drug Dealer; Investigation Unlikely

— As far as the recent story making its rounds about Roman Reigns and him being implicated by a jailed steroid distributor is that WWE could take steps to suspend Reigns if definitive proof emerges that links the two together.

— Based on WWE’s history, there doesn’t need to be a positive Wellness Policy test, just some sort of paper trail that links Reigns that would cause the company to suspend him. In Roman’s case, it would be his second violation which would cause him to potentially get suspended for 60 days.

— Reigns released a statement through WWE earlier this week in which he not only denied any connection with Richard Rodriguez, but he went so far as to mention that he hasn’t even heard of him. What makes this interesting is that if any evidence surfaces showing that the two have met or talked before will blatantly contradict his statement and raise significant questions.

— TMZ reported today that as for any potential investigation, Reigns or anyone named by the drug dealer, have little to worry as law enforcement officials – the Drug Enforcement Administration – usually only goes after and targets traffickers, manufacturers and distributors rather than alleged buyers. If true, that means Reigns and anyone else named will not be investigated making it extremely unlikely that WWE will take any action as well.

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